If you get Botox, you already understand this love affair.

Botox in Las Vegas

If you’ve been hesitant to jump on the beautiful, wrinkle-free face bandwagon, let us help you lose all fear and get your appointment scheduled.

Reasons why you shouldn’t be afraid of Botox

  • Botox won’t make you look frozen or like a mannequin
    • Our experienced injectors will know how many Botox units to inject so that you look natural!

botox injections

  • Botox is affordable
    • View it as a beauty treatment that’s less expensive and invasive than surgery and no more expensive than getting your hair cut and colored. Really, is it any different than coloring your hair? It’s something you can do for yourself to look more refreshed
  • Getting Botox doesn’t hurt
    • The needles used for Botox injections are very small, so pain is usually minimal.
  • Botox injections take less than 30 minutes
    • The procedure takes only about 15 minutes to complete but we always start with a consultation first to make sure we get that perfect look for you!
  • There is no downtime
    • While you might have tiny little red marks where the needle was injected, they quickly disappear. You could go for coffee or pick up a few things for dinner on your way back to the office and by the time you arrive, no one will know where you just were!
      • “I had swelling around the injection sites for five minutes, it was totally gone by the time I left the office.”
  • There is no social stigma attached to Botox
    • Today, Botox is mainstream and widely accepted.
  • Botox works
    • For the first few weeks, Botox leaves a little present for you every day.  The effects take place slowly over the first two weeks, so it’s pretty amazing to see your face gradually becoming smoother and wrinkle-free.

botox for forehead wrinkles


Are you ready to schedule your appointment, or want to schedule a consultation to talk more with our experienced injectors? Book an appointment NOW!



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