One word.. FREE.


Do you feel like every where you turn there’s another membership to sign up for? You check out at the grocery store, you need a rewards card. You go to the pharmacy, you need a rewards card. You get botox, you need a rewards card.

But, that botox rewards card is different than the rest. Here’s why.

It’s free to sign up AND you get free rewards. No strings attached, no gimmicks. You get rewarded for buying the treatments you already love.

Ready to sign up? Here’s how:

Go to the BD website or download the app to create a login/profile.

Go to the Aspire website or download the app to create a login/profile.

Okay, but how do I know which one I need? Why are there two??



  • Signing up is free.
  • For every 200 points, you get $20 off.
  • You can get 100 points for referring a friend to the program.
  • You get 200 points for Dysport treatment, and up to 400 points for Restylane, Restylane Silk, Restylane Lyft ( Perlane), and up to 500 points for Sculptra treatment.



Brilliant Distinctions:

  • Earn $10 for every 100 points 
  • Receive bonus points on your BD anniversary
  • Points never expire
  • Products included are Botox, Juvederm, Latisse, and Kybella

It really makes sense to sign up and save (AND EARN) money on treatments you’re already getting done! Once you get signed up, get booked with us to start earning!