Why Do People Get Botox?

It’s simple, easy, and pretty cost-effective. So, why haven’t you made an appointment for Botox yet?

Here are the five reasons you need to get into the office ASAP!

1.Bye Bye Wrinkles!

Botox treats wrinkles and lines around your eyes and on your forehead. It blocks signals from the nerves to the muscles and when a muscle gets injected, it no longers contracts. This effect on the muscles is temporary (but effective!)BUT, if you continue to get BOTOX over a long period of time affected muscles will start to naturally get more relaxed and require less frequent treatments. Say bye to those wrinkles

2. It’s SO safe.

This is one of the areas where Botox really shines. It has a minimal recovery time and usually includes no noticeable side effects. A no brainer!

3. It treats Hyperhidrosis (aka: Excessive Sweating)

While heavy sweating may not seem like a serious problem, hyperhidrosis can have a very negative impact on self-esteem. Luckily BOTOX can be used to treat this condition!

4. It’s convenient

One of the biggest advantages that Botox is that it’s a very quick and convenient treatment. An average injection shouldn’t take more than fifteen minutes to administer, and results are usually apparent within 7-10 days of the treatment. This is the true meaning of a quick lunch time procedure!

botox for forehead wrinkles

5. It’s so worth it financially.

Rather than spending money on drugstore creams and serums that don’t produce results, Botox will give you results that last 3-4 months. You’ll never go back once you try Botox–it’s that good!

Are you sold yet? I bet so.

Schedule your Botox appointment now under “Wrinkle Relaxer.”