Believe it or not (I know, it’s hard to believe), there are reasons NOT to get Botox

Botox before and after

Yes, that was difficult to type.

Botox is the anti-aging miracle, but sometimes we have to say no. Here’s when:


When you’re pregnant (OR breastfeeding)
Ladies, we just can’t. It’s the longest wait, we know.

The rule of thumb is to stay away from Botox or any type of cosmetic injectable or filler when you’re pregnant because no studies have been able to prove that the product can harm an unborn child or that it passes through breast milk, and it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Grow that baby and we will see you soon.


If you have a big event that day

Botox (and all wrinkle relaxers) take time to “kick in.” If you have an important meeting, a big party or an event where you’ll be photographed, plan your appointment in advance. There’s always the potential for bruising, and you’ll look that much better once it sets in.

If you’re looking at getting Botox before your wedding, start almost a year before so you can determine how much feels right to you!


If you need volume correction
Botox won’t give fullness to your skin, nor will it tighten up sagging—that you will need fillers for. What it will do is temporarily paralyze muscle contractions so that when you make an expression, a line or wrinkle won’t form.

Need to plump it = filler. Need to erase the wrinkles = Botox.


If you don’t fit into any of the above items, it’s time to get that ‘tox on.

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