Smooth Wrinkles and Prevent Signs of Aging with Botox or Dysport

Wrinkle relaxer treatments are fast and comfortable with very little visible signs of the procedure afterwards. Easy enough to receive this treatment during a lunch break! 

If you’re considering Botox or Dysport as part of your skin care regimen, don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions. Call us at (844)-307-5929 or book your free consultation today, it couldn’t be any simpler!

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How Does It Work?

  1. Using a very small needle, multiple injections will be placed based on your customized facial assessment, causing very little discomfort in the process. 
  2. After The injected muscle will no longer contract, which causes the wrinkles to relax, soften and prevent new ones from forming. Leaving us looking younger and more relaxed.

Botox and Dysport injections may seem like a simple procedure however they are a complicated combination of art and science that only experienced and rigorously trained injectors, like ourselves here at Face Forward Aesthetics, should administer.  Ensuring we are meeting your needs while maintaining natural facial expressions, our providers carefully assess your facial movement and expertly identify the wrinkle causing facial muscles, unique to each guest

Before and After Botox
Botox for face

Treat Your Problem Areas

Botox and Dysport are used on the face to treat forehead wrinkles, bunny lines, frown lines, and crow’s feet. In the lower face, Botox and Dysport can be used to treat chin dimpling, gummy smile, lip flip and to minimize fine lines around the mouth.

If you think Botox or Dysport is right for you, you can get started at one of our FFA locations across the country. 

Our med spa team will walk you through the process and recommend the treatment to transform your skin. Our Botox appointments only take 30 minutes!

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Our Products

Here at Face Forward Aesthetics, we leverage only the most scientifically backed products and proven suppliers.

  • Botox, created by Allergan Aesthetics
  • Dysport, created by Galderma

With over 25 years of published studies combined, Botox and Dysport are a proven form of muscle relaxant (or a neuromuscular blocking agent) made from the botulinum neuromodulator type-A and are completely safe in small amounts. These noninvasive injections help smooth wrinkles by working beneath the surface to reduce underlying muscle activity that causes moderate to sever wrinkles on the face. 

Unlike traditional surgical procedures you will see results from these cosmetic injections within a few days of treatment.  

  Procedure takes about 15 minutes & you can go back to your normal activities right after Treatment leverages a very thin needle causing minimal to no pain on injection You will begin to see a visible smoothing of lines within 24 to 48 hours and will experience full results within 14 days Expect to maintain treatment around every 3 to 4 months for moderate to severe lines

Combining Botox with Other Treatments

Botox and Dysport are frequently combined effectively with other treatments such as dermal fillers or Microneedling to achieve enhanced results, by improving several factors at once.

The Difference Between Botox and Dysport

Very similar by nature they specialize in treating slightly different areas of the face and vary on dosage given their chemical compositions. Both Botox and Dysport are “Single-use Vial” meaning they are intended for single patient use for a single procedure as labeled on the product by the manufacturers.

Botox Dysport
Treatment Area The first and only FDA-approved treatment to reduce fine lines, crow’s feet, and forehead wrinkles in adults. Primarily leveraged for the lines between eyebrows (glabelar lines). 97% of people who have recieved Dysport agree the injection results look natural and would get it again.
Our Member Price

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$7.98 per unit

$399 per 50-unit vial*


$1.66 per unit

$499 per 300-unit vial*

*We put safety first, without short cuts, therefore we sell our products as a signle use vial. Meaning we will never use someone else’s leftover products on you. Learn more below  →
Why Single-Use Vial Is Important
Splitting vials between patients is proven to be dangerous and is typically unnecessary based on supplier recommended dosing. If you are paying by unit and receiving less than a full vial, you are most commonly using someone else’s remaining product or someone else is going to use yours. 

“Vials that are labeled as single-dose or single-use should be used for only a single patient as part of a single case, procedure, injection. There have been multiple outbreaks resulting from healthcare personnel using single-dose or single-use vials for multiple patients [3,69].”