Nood’s The Flasher 2.0: Your Ultimate At-Home Hair Removal Solution at Face Forward Aesthetics

Discover the power of professional-grade hair removal in the comfort of your own space with The Flasher 2.0, the latest addition to Face Forward Aesthetics’ retail products. This handheld marvel ensures the same exceptional results you’d expect from a traditional laser hair removal clinic. Pain-free and efficient, The Flasher 2.0 utilizes PrecisionPulse™ IPL technology to permanently remove unwanted hair, providing visible results in just 3 weeks and the promise of hair-free skin in as little as 8 weeks.

How PrecisionPulse™ IPL Technology Works: Break the Cycle of Hair Regrowth

PrecisionPulse™ IPL technology works by selectively targeting the melanin (pigment in your hair follicles), helping break the cycle of hair regrowth. The light damages the root of your hair, and over several treatments, inhibits future hair regrowth. This innovative technology ensures a comprehensive approach to hair removal, providing a solution that goes beyond the surface for long-lasting results.

Recommended Treatment Plan: Unleash Your Smooth Skin Journey

We recommend 2 treatments per week for 8 weeks to achieve optimal results. The Flasher 2.0’s PrecisionPulse™ IPL technology allows for a targeted and effective approach to hair removal. You can expect to see visible results in the first 3 weeks of treatment and permanent hair removal in as little as 8 weeks.* Please note that individual results may vary.

FDA-Cleared Confidence: Skin Safe and Effective PrecisionPulse™ IPL Technology

The Flasher 2.0 is an FDA-cleared Class II medical device, meaning it has undergone rigorous third-party testing to meet the most stringent standards. This designation ensures that our PrecisionPulse™ IPL technology is not only highly effective at permanently removing hair but is also proven to be safe for your skin. Face Forward Aesthetics prioritizes your safety and satisfaction, and The Flasher 2.0 reflects our commitment to delivering a trusted and reliable at-home hair removal solution.

Maintenance and Non-Responder Information: Personalized Care for Lasting Results

Maintenance treatments are recommended every 1-2 months as needed, ensuring that you maintain the smooth, hair-free results achieved with The Flasher 2.0. While most users experience significant benefits, approximately 3% of IPL users are non-responders and may not see results from IPL treatment.

*(*Individual results may vary. Maintenance treatments are recommended every 1-2 months as needed. Approximately 3% of IPL users are non-responders and do not see results from IPL treatment.)

Award-Winning Excellence: Best IPL Device of 2023 by Elle

Recognized for its outstanding performance, The Flasher 2.0 has been awarded the prestigious title of Best IPL Device of 2023 by Elle. This accolade attests to its effectiveness, innovation, and contribution to elevating the at-home hair removal experience.

Embrace the freedom of at-home hair removal with The Flasher 2.0, now available at Face Forward Aesthetics. Visit our med spa today and experience the future of smooth, hair-free skin. Be your own hair removal expert with The Flasher 2.0 – where visible results and convenience come together seamlessly.

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