Add Definition With Jawline Contouring

Jawline contouring fillers are a type of dermal filler that can provide you with a more elongated jawline. Over the past few months or years, you may have noticed your jawline has begun sagging or simply lost volume you’d like to get back. This phenomenon is a natural part of aging, but it doesn’t have to last.

At Face Forward Aesthetics, we want you to have the features that make you feel confident. Everyone deserves to look their best, which is why we specialize in safe, effective non-surgical enhancements. We can give you jaw fillers that help your lower face look tight, defined and “snatched.”

Searching jawline contouring Las Vegas or for another city? Check out one of our offices near you! can give you jaw fillers that help your lower face look tight, defined and “snatched.”

At a Glance

The number of treatments will vary, depending on patient needs.

Length Of Recovery:
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How to Get a Snatched Jawline

When you come in for an appointment at Face Forward Aesthetics, we’ll start with a free consultation with one of our Certified Aesthetic Nurse Practitioners where we can discuss your treatment goals and ensure we’re on the same page. All patients must be 21 or older, so we’ll check to see that you have a matching ID before moving forward. Also, if you disclose that you are taking blood thinners, have an autoimmune disease, are pregnant or breastfeeding, we will be unable to treat you.


Once the practitioner has assessed how much jawline filler you need, they’ll retrieve the syringes and open them right in front of you to ensure your safety and comfort.

woman getting frown line filler

Our jawline filler is an injectable treatment administered by one of our Certified Aesthetic Nurse Practitioners. They’ll inject the filler until you have a well-defined jawline that you love. The whole process should only take about an hour.

What to Know for Your Jawline Contouring Treatment

After treatment, you’ll receive Post Treatment Instructions that detail everything you need to know about recovery. In most cases, you’ll be able to return to your normal activities right away or within 24 hours. Normal side effects include swelling, redness and bruising, but these should dissipate within a few days. You may be able to prevent these symptoms from being as pronounced by avoiding caffeine, alcohol and aspirin for one to two days before your appointment. Twenty-four hours after treatment, you can cover any bruising with makeup.

For two days following your appointment, stay away from swimming, hot tubs, rubbing your face or working out. Once healed, your jawline should look amazing for about a year before needing a touch-up.

Our Non-Surgical Jawline Contouring Products

The jawline contouring filler we use is called Restylane® LYFT™. This filler kit comes with its own lidocaine, so you can be sure you’ll feel as comfortable as possible throughout your appointment. Restylane® LYFT™ will provide you with a firm, natural feel that will have people wondering how you transformed overnight.

Procedure takes about 15 – 20 minutes & you can go back to your normal activities right after

Treatment leverages a very thin needle causing minimal to no pain on injection

You will begin to see a visible results immediately after treatment!

Expect to maintain treatment around every 12 months.

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Combine It With Other Treatments

Many people come into our med spa wanting more than one treatment. While you’re at your jawline filler appointment, talk to your practitioner about other treatments like:

Add volume & contouring to the face. Dermal fillers combat early signs of aging & are leveraged for facial profile balancing creating an effortless natural look. Go ahead, throw away all that contouring makeup.

Gently stimulates the skin with very fine needles, encouraging natural collagen & elastin production, while improving skin tone, texture, firmness & a reduction in scars, pore size, as well as blemishes. No facial can compete.

AKA Marionette lines start at the corners of the mouth and run down to the chin. Our use of Hyaluronic natural based fillers will smooth & soften deeper lines immediately restoring youthful volume.

Lip filler will perfect and add volume to your lips giving you full, well-defined lips that look and feel natural in just a few minutes.


After being treated with jawline filler, you may experience some swelling and bruising. This is absolutely normal and expected!

We recommend that our patients avoid swimming, hot tubs, working out, or rubbing your face for at least 48 hours after treatment.

Results can be expected immediately!

Treatments last around 12 months.

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