Brazilian Butt Lift in Cincinnati, Ohio

If you want to enhance the shape of your buttocks and achieve a curvy figure, you can! Instead of going with a surgical Brazilian butt lift (BBL) — which means a more involved recovery process and potential complications — a Sculptra BBL can give you the look you’re going for.

Sculptra BBL: A Safer Way to Plump Your Booty

Whether you are wanting to plump and enhance the natural shape of your booty or reverse some of the normal signs of aging, you can take advantage of Sculptra butt injections here in Cincinnati.

Unlike other butt injections or surgeries, Sculptra is designed to stimulate your body’s natural collagen production. Collagen adds structure and shape to the skin, which helps give you that booty you’ve been dreaming of.

By adding some volume and shape, you’ll feel more confident no matter what you’re wearing.

Cellulite Correction

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The number of treatments will vary, depending on patient needs.

Length Of Recovery:
Length Of Treatment:
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How Do Sculptra Butt Injections Work?

Our Sculptra Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) will have you in and out of our offices in an hour or less, with little to no recovery time!

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Your provider will discuss treatment specifics during your consultation and determine the ideal injection sites to create your desired results.


Your provider will then apply local lidocaine cream to numb the area before injection.


Then the nurse practitioner will perform the non surgical BBL with filler using Sculptra.

Sculptra BBL

You will see your results over the next few weeks or months, as it takes time for the collagen to build. Results could last up to five years!

Benefits of Getting a Sculptra BBL in Cincinnati

From filling in hip dips to creating fullness to minimizing the look of stretch marks, Sculptra butt injections offer all kinds of benefits:

  • FDA-approved: These butt injections are tested and safe, helping you achieve fuller, bigger buttocks without surgery.
  • Quick procedure: In just 30-45 minutes, you’ll be completely done with the procedure. Easy!
  • No downtime: The Sculptra injections are nearly painless and have no downtime. This means you’ll be able to swing by the office, get treated and then get back to your daily routine.
  • Lasting results: As the collagen starts to build, you’ll start to notice results in a few weeks. While it can vary, your results may last up to five years.
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Why Choose Face Forward Aesthetics for Sculptra BBL?

At Face Forward Aesthetics, you’ll have access to some of the industry’s most tested and proven services — like Sculptra BBL. Our med spa has a team of industry experts who have advanced medical degrees. One of our qualified, licensed technicians will get to know you and your needs better before delivering treatment.

Along with delivering exceptional outcomes, we are also committed to making sure our cosmetic injectables are accessible and affordable. With membership packages and financing options, achieving the body shape you’ve been dreaming of has never been easier.

Procedure takes about 30-45 minutes

Treatment leverages a very thin needle causing minimal to no pain on injection

After your treatment, over the next few weeks, collagen is gradually built up from the injections and the appearance of your results improves

Sculptra injections are nearly painless and have no downtime with results lasting for up to 5 years!

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Sculptra BBL with Face Forward Aesthetics

Do you want a bigger booty? Do you want to fill in those hip dips? Do you have annoying cellulite and stretch marks? If you answered yes, then our buttock filler injections are for YOU! Get the butt you’ve always wanted without the surgery or downtime! Here are some quick facts about Sculptra injections for your butt:

Sculptra BBL is a cosmetic procedure that claims to enhance the curve and shape of your buttocks without surgery or a high risk of complications. Sculptra butt lift uses a dermal filler injection called Sculptra to stimulate collagen production in the deeper layers of your skin.

This procedure doesn’t carry a high risk of scarring. Sculptra butt lift is safer than its surgical alternatives.

Costs vary according to how much volume you want to add during your butt lift.

Costs vary according to how much volume you want to add during your butt lift.

Anecdotally, many are happy with this treatment and say it’s a low-risk way to get a significantly rounder and more perky booty.


Sculptra is a volumizing filler that is injected under the skin. This process stimulates collagen production.

Results are expected to last anywhere from 2-5 years depending on the type and the amount used.

There is some mild discomfort during the numbing process but overall the procedure is nearly painless. Numbing medication will be used to numb the skin and deeper layers of the buttock, but we recommend taking a pain reliever prior to your appointment.

The typical recovery time is 2-5 days with mild to moderate bruising that can occur. Most patients report a 1-2 day recovery.

Sculptra BBL is far less dangerous than other forms of buttock augmentation. The results of a Sculptra butt lift are is safer and less expensive.

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