The newest lippie filler is here and we have the deets just for you!

Woman before and after lip filler

Restylane Kysse, is a hyaluronic acid injectable designed specifically for lip injections. Kysse is pronounced kiss, get it?


  • When you’re talking, smiling, kissing, it has the ability to integrate into the tissue where it’s injected and mold to your tissue. It becomes one with your lips.

  • Kysse feelsĀ more natural, in addition to looking more natural.

  • By week eight after treatment, at least 90 percent of patients were satisfied with their lips. Specifically, with the shape of their upper and lower lips.

  • Kysse is FDA-approved for anyone over 21 years old

  • Suggested Ā for patients who are in their 20s or 30s who are looking for “enhanced” lips, as well as 50- to-60-year-old patients who want to bring volume back into the lips.

  • The filler was found to last up to a year!