Profile Balancing

Beauty is often associated with balance, especially when referring to a facial profile. If you feel like your profile image is disproportionate or lacking in some way, facial balancing with fillers may be just what you need.

What Is Profile Balancing?

Profiloplasty, or profile balancing, is a nonsurigcal cosmetic procedure that alters facial features using dermal fillers and neuromodulators to create a proportionate and harmonious facial profile. Rather than focusing on the look of one facial aspect, this treatment looks at the entire profile, adjusting certain features to create a sense of balance.

Procedures may include adding projection or length to the chin, contouring the cheeks, and/or sharpening the jawline to create a more slim, defined facial profile. Since every face is different, each treatment will be unique to the individual.

How Can Face Balancing Fillers Help?

Facial profile balancing with fillers can bring your features into proportion, empowering you to feel confident and beautiful from every angle. For example, a small and recessed chin may make the nose appear larger, but with chin filler, the nose and chin will appear more balanced. As the chin gains more volume and length, there is less focus on the nose as the main feature of the face.

Profile balancing can also be used to enhance a specific facial feature. Filler can be placed to the cheekbones to add height and facial contour, or to the jawline to sharpen that transition between face and neck. Neuromodulators can also be placed into certain muscles on the face to slim a wider profile and give more focus to the cheekbones. The possibilities of facial balancing with fillers are endless, enabling you to create the profile you’ve always wanted.

What Are the Benefits of Profile Balancing?

People of all ages and genders can enjoy the benefits of profile balancing. You can create any look you would like, whether you want your facial features to appear stronger, softer, younger, bolder, or anything else.

Appointments are generally quick and results are visible immediately, helping you achieve your desired look as soon as possible. Results can also last up to a year and a half, enabling you to enjoy consistent balance and beauty for some time.

Receive Profile Balancing Near You

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About the Author
Amanda Holesko, MSN FNP-C

Amanda Holesko, MSN FNP-C, is a licensed family nurse practitioner and expert injector located in Cleveland, OH. With over 10 years of healthcare experience, Amanda has a strong passion for patient-centered care. Prior to aesthetics, Amanda worked in Emergency Medicine at a Level 3 Trauma Center. Outside of work, she is a mom to baby Carter and loves to spend time outside doing yoga, rollerblading, and camping! Amanda takes pride in helping her patients feel confident in their own skin and builds individual treatment plans for everyone. Her favorite treatments are midface, chin and lip filler!