Tupperware parties are out, Botox parties are in.

But, how does a Botox party work?

What makes a good Botox party?

We’ve got the tips you need to throw the best party and earn FREE Botox for just being the host.

  1. First off, at Face Forward you get perks for being a host. You earn $50 for every person who comes to the party. On average, 10 friends=FREE Botox for you. We all know 10 people who are dying to get (or already get) Botox, right?
  2. So, a host gets $50 for every friend they bring, but those friends want something too, right? At Face Forward they get 20% off during the party! Bring on the Botox!
  3. At Face Forward you are getting an experienced injector. Believe it or not (most of you probably believe it), that’s super important.
  4. Choose the location. Do you want your party to be at Face Forward or maybe you’d rather have the party in the comfort of your home? We are happy to accomdate you either way.
  5. Food and drinks are a necessity, right? And, customized cookies are a must. 
  6. Think of this as a girl’s night out where you also get to do something for yourself. Make a list of your favorite people and start inviting them!
  7. Think about what else you would want along with the Botox–massages, manis, pop-up shopping? Make this a night you and your friends won’t forget…or want to end.

When should you host a Botox Party?

  1. Bachelorette Party
  2. Birthday Party
  3. If you miss your friends and you want a reason to get together!
  4. Someone you know is retiring and you want to celebrate them
  5. Celebrating a new momma (note: pregnant or nursing moms can’t receive this service)
  6. Christmas Party
  7. You want to treat your employees!
  8. Just because!

Botox Parties are the perfect way to get together with your favorite people and pamper yourself at the same time.

Remember, if you’re the host you will earn $ towards your FREE Botox with each person you bring. Call us and we will help set up your party for you!

“Wrinkled is not what I wanted to be when I grew up.”

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