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Wrinkles and sagging skin are a part of aging. Everyone goes through the moment of waking up one day and noticing fine lines built over years of smiling, laughing and crying. While many of these are symptoms of a life well-lived, not everyone wants to show them off.

If you’re like us, you want to feel your best at all times, and feeling your best means looking your best. The medical professionals at Face Forward Aesthetics have spent years perfecting our treatments and gaining experience so that we can give the finest results to every person that employs our services. Whether you’re looking for Botox, butt injections, lip filler or other beautification treatments, visit our Cleveland med spa today.

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Our Cleveland Med Spa Treatments

As you look over our service menu, know that every treatment we offer is safe, effective and approved by the FDA. Our experts love talking you through our favorite treatments, such as:

Unique, Proven Procedures

At Face Forward Aesthetics, we want to make sure you enjoy your appointment as much as you enjoy the result. We aim to give you a fast, seamless appointment where you feel safe every step of the way. When you arrive at our Cleveland med spa, you can expect your visit to follow this timeline:

  1. Choosing a treatment: Our process starts with a conversation. We discuss your goals so we can understand what you want and find the best treatment options to accommodate this. We’ll ensure you’re educated on your choices so you can maintain your results.
  2. Applying lidocaine: Depending on the procedure, we’ll give you lidocaine if you need it to numb the treatment area. You can stay comfortable during your entire appointment.
  3. Performing the treatment: Next, we’ll get to work. Our qualified professionals have learned how to do injections right to get the perfect result you’ve been dreaming of. Some procedures produce results immediately!
  4. Paying our affordable prices: We keep our prices as low as possible so everyone can get a body they’re proud of. You’ll be impressed with how little it costs you to use our services.

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Investing in Face Forwards Aesthetics’ services means you join the FFA Fam, a community of people who strive to look their best. All of our guests say the FFA experience is unique and unlike any other med spa in Cleveland! We have so many satisfied customers because we make your beauty goals our own.

Age is just a number. Keep people guessing about yours by making an appointment with us today. Once you see all we can do for you, we’re sure you’ll be ready to join our membership club.