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Aging, genetics and so much more will affect your appearance over time. With aesthetic injectables, we encourage you to look the way you feel. From lip fillers to Botox, our medical spa in Henderson, Nevada, conveniently located just 15 miles from Las Vegas, can help you feel more confident in your skin with medical professionals specializing in injectables. Radiate youthfulness with our injectable treatments!

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Top Med Spa Treatments in Las Vegas

Our med spa products are FDA-approved with safe, conservative, and expert techniques. Our providers are qualified and experienced individuals in the field, so you can enjoy peace of mind as we proceed with treatment. We offer straightforward services β€” you know what to expect for your budget and results!

As part of the FFA Fam, you can enjoy a wide range of injectables. Achieve your beauty goals with our team on your side. A few of our top services include:

  • Botox: If you are looking for Botox in Las Vegas, then your search ends here! Botox and Dysport are industry standards for treating fine lines and wrinkles throughout your skin. We reduce bunny lines, crow’s feet and forehead wrinkles with Botox treatment in Las Vegas.
  • Lip injectionss: Lip fillers at our Las Vegas location allow you to have natural looking, plump, symmetrical and structured lips. Reduce fine lines around your mouth and so much more. Our Las Vegas lip filler services are your ticket to younger, smoother lips!
  • Sculpt-a-booty: If the name doesn’t say it all. For butt injections at our Las Vegas med spa we use Sculptra enhance the shape of your booty without the downtime and danger of surgery!
  • Chin fat removal: Also known by its product name Kybella, our chin fat removal services in Las Vegas permanently reduce your double chin. This nonsurgical procedure is incredibly effective for clients with stubborn chin fat with no scarring and no down time!

Our Unique and Proven Procedure

We value your experience in our office, so we make it a comfortable, transparent, and seamless process. Our clients enjoy the best service from the most specialized injectors in Las Vegas. For most standard injectable procedures, you can expect the following technique:

  1. Before any appointment, our advanced injectors listen to your concerns and take time to educate on our products and treatment options.
  2. We apply topical lidocaine, if the service requires, to numb the injection area and make you more comfortable.
  3. Our industry leading and specialized nurses inject your desired areas with the product. Many procedures have immediate results!
  4. We truly care about giving you the best results at the most affordable pricing, keeping prices low for accessible treatment plans.

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