Lips have become the go-to treatment and is leading popularity next to Botox. Not sure what to expect or what you need to know?

Here’s some info for that pout appointment

Woman before and after lip filler

Be clear with your provider to get the results you want from your lip fillers

Every set of lippies we do is different–why? Because every person is different and their needs are different! Some people need plump, some need to restore lost volume, some need to add symmetry. Discuss with your provider what you’d like to see and they will consult with you on what they suggest. This conversation creates a perfect treatment plan and beautiful results.

Lip fillers hurt a little bit, but our amazing NPs will make sure you are comfortable!

Once numb- YES, we numb you up- you’ll feel a little prick and slight pressure.  The NP will then massage your lips a little, give you an ice pack, and then let you go about your day. Hello, beautiful lips!

Don’t let the swelling scare you

You may actually miss the swelling and plumpness once it’s gone! Swelling doesn’t happen to everyone, but if it does, it will soon disappear. Keep icing and know that it is short lived and absolutely normal!

You may have lumps and bumps

BUT not forever. Those first two weeks are all about the settling part of the process for the filler. If you still feel anything after two weeks we’d like to see you for a follow up. REMEMBER: DO NOT massage those bumps out yourself. If you think they need massaged, call for a follow up. Do not try to do this yourself.


Woman before and after lip filler

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