Sam shares why she got Botox and why it was awesome.

“I’m curious as to why some people are so uptight about sharing their stories about cosmetic procedures? I have a few friends that are super open about it and some that I know do it but never mention it. They make it seem like it’s some secret society where we’re all lurking in the dark having a ceremony with robes, candles, and blood contracts (from our procedures, duh) that say we’ll never tell why our foreheads no longer look like a pug puppy.

Maybe I’m too much of an open book. Maybe I’m removing the mystery that some people so desperately seek in beauty. Maybe I just want people to be able to take advantage of something so awesome and I want to make it accessible and less scary to them. Secret Filler Society, don’t come at me or ban me from your glorious needly meetings. I need you.”

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