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Have you ever envisioned yourself with a more aesthetically pleasing chin profile but hesitant about surgical implants? Now you can say goodbye to a weak or asymmetrical chin without the stress and expense of surgery.

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Chin filler may not sound as exciting as getting your lips or cheeks inflated, but more and more people are requesting this facial augmentation.

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The balance and proportions of the different parts of our face affect our appearance to a large extent. Small changes, for example a little bit more projected chin, or a more angled chin in a man, could make much difference for the overall appearance.

Currently, chin fillers offer a non-surgical option to enhance and define the shape of the chin. People who have had filler injections in the midface or lips, but have neglected the lower part of the face, may end up with an unbalanced or disproportionate face. Focusing on the jawline and the shape or projection of the chin is the next step of personalized aesthetic treatments, to enhance the patient’s individual beauty.

Anyone who wants a better profile could consider chin filler.We all lose some bone as we age, and as our jawbone shrinks, we start to notice jowls and saggy necks. filler can be placed on the underside of the chin to elongate the chin and thus, help with jawline definition. Injecting filler to the anterior part of the chin will also help to support the jowls and prevent a frowning or angry down-turning of the lip muscles.


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The procedure uses dermal fillers made of hyaluronic acid, a substance that is present naturally in the body. Fillers of stiffer consistency such as Voluma or Restylane Lyft are injected to the chin in a procedure that can be done in 45 minutes. Typically, one or two syringes are used; but this is variable and dependent on your aesthetic goals.

It is comfortable, lasts from 8 -18 months and has little downtime – if at all. Reactions are minor and tolerable; mild swelling, redness or bruising may be experienced but these resolve in a few days and do not affect the overall results. How long it lasts largely depends on one’s metabolism and more can be injected safely. The best part about it is that results are immediately visible!

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