Kybella is

Pinch the area under your chin. Do you have a hold of something? Chances are that’s fat you just can’t get rid of. Annoying, right? Time for Kybella!

Why is Kybella the best choice to get rid of under chin fat?

Benefits of Kybella:

  • Non-Surgical
  • Little Downtime
  • Gradual, Subtle Results
  • Injectable Treatment
  • Eliminates Double Chin

When the targeted cells under the chin are destroyed by Kybella, they can no longer store or accumulate fat. Previously, the only procedure that was available to treat submental fullness was surgical liposuction–not now! Kybella is non-surgical and can give you those same permanent results.

Where traditional weight loss has you feeling defeated, Kybella can provide another option to reach your goals and lose that fat the gym hasn’t. There’s a reason this is everyone’s favorite treatment!

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How long does Kybella last?

Optimal outcomes can be expected in four to eight weeks, leaving you with a noticeably slimmer chin profile. Final results may take longer to realize than with surgical approaches, but once your desired aesthetic is achieved, results last forever!

Does Kybella hurt?

People who have received Kybella said that the injections were more uncomfortable than getting Botox or other fillers and that they experienced stinging or burning for a short while after.

Does Kybella last forever?

Does Kybella Last? Once the fat walls are destroyed, they don’t return. So once you get rid of all the fat cells in your double chin with Kybella injections, they disappear foreverand your new chin remains.

How swollen are you after Kybella?

Swelling typically peaks at 24 hours post-treatment and can last from two days to three weeks

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