What is a filler? What will it do? Why do I need it?

midface filler

There are so many myths out there, so we are setting a few of them straight!

Myth #1: “Botox and Dermal fillers are the same!”

Although they are both are injectables, they actually do very different things. Botox relaxes muscles that wrinkle the face, soften and prevent lines, and aesthetically lift or drop facial structures. Dermal fillers restore and add volume to the face.

Myth #2: “My face is going to look fake or unnatural.”

A qualified practitioner, like ours at Face Forward Aesthetics, will make sure not to use too much or too little product or inject the fillers in the wrong area. Injections only look fake when they’re administered incorrectly.

Myth #3: “Facial fillers only eliminate wrinkles.”

They can also plump sunken cheeks, plump up lips, and soften other lines and folds.

before and after

Myth #4: “Dermal fillers are extremely painful”

Dermal fillers can be painful, but these days fillers are combined with lidocane to numb the area to reduce pain. These topical numbing agents can also reduce the pain.

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