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“The scene is as clear as day.
I was driving to my sister’s graduation, all dressed up, of course. Think white deep V-neck with a cute mini & some pumps. I remember the whole thing like it was yesterday. My latest Spotify playlist was blasting from the car’s speakers & it was that time of day where the light shines directly in your face. Around 5 PM-ish I think.
As I was driving along, I casually glanced up at the rearview mirror. & there it was, NO DENYING IT GUYS, a total number 11. That’s right, smack between my eyebrows. The eleven was there. I wasn’t being crazy. And the light? Let’s just say it was very much intensifying the sitch.
Hmmmmm, I thought. That’s annoying.

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95% percent of girls are overly critical of themselves. Including me. We could all be a little kinder to ourselves. But the point is I’m no different from you, & the deep-set 11 was annoying. As you know, I’m very detailed-oriented & sometimes…a perfectionist ( which is VERY frustrating at times ).
But I figured I was young & to leave it for a while.
Well, after a year, the 11 BUGGEDDDDDDD. Bugged a lot.

The real reason I decided to pull the trigger was not just because of Mr. Eleven…the reason was: it’s preventative. Meaning that the 11 wouldn’t continue to get deeper, making the wrinkle worse. If you know me, you know I’m ALL ABOUT PREVENTION. Sunscreen being one of the most preventative things I do on a daily basis.

So yes, the prevention thing is what sold me. I mean I definitely didn’t ( & don’t ) want the 11 getting deeper. Who would?

Before committing to an appointment I tried creams, facial massage, massive amount of water, & collagen masks. Didn’t work. Old 11 was still hanging on strong.

Quick, easy, painless, & I didn’t see the needle. It feels like a more intense eyebrow pluck.

& then I was done.

Every time I’ve had it since, it’s been the same story. Quick.

I don’t do it for anyone other than myself.

Can’t we just all talk about it? Let’s talk about taboo shit. Let’s go there. A lot of women feel the need to lie. Why lie? I feel very good about the decisions I have made for MYSELF. I’m not ashamed. I made them fully informed & was well researched. Getting a boob job & using Botox once a year are entirely my decisions. & I stand by the decisions.
I’m just calling it how it is.”

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