If you’re interested in erasing wrinkles or enhancing your features, cosmetic treatments can help. Face Forward Aesthetics offers safe and effective anti-aging methods and other ways to help you foster and maintain an appearance you love. Our Botox for men, which we affectionately call Brotox, is a popular option with many benefits beyond wrinkle reduction.

What Is Brotox?

As more people want to experience the benefits of Botox, participation continues to climb, with over 3.6 million botulinum toxin treatments administered annually. Board-certified dermatologists identify this option as a staple in nonsurgical cosmetic procedures.

Brotox involves a physician injecting small quantities of a bacteria known as Clostridium botulinum to safely “freeze” overactivity in a muscle. In doing so, it can reduce or remove your wrinkles and prevent more from forming.

Benefits of Botox for Men

Since the United States Food and Drug Administration approved this noninvasive procedure in 2002, it has become the top-selling cosmetic treatment on the market. In a few quick minutes, the simple strategy can help reduce aging lines for a few months. The application of Botox is common for men’s foreheads, between their eyebrows, around their eyes and on their chins to build definition or smooth any inconsistencies.

Beyond aesthetic benefits, this treatment is known to help with some medical conditions, such as excess sweating, by blocking the nerves stimulating the glands. A professional can explain how the treatment you want can enhance or better your life.

Why Choose Face Forward Aesthetics?

At Face Forward Aesthetics, we empower you to invest in yourself. Being confident in your appearance goes a long way with how your project yourself in professional environments, on social media or in settings with friends and family.

Feel and look your best when you visit our specialty med spa. Our experts specialize in performing the most tested and proven services in the cosmetic industry, helping you achieve the desired results.

We’re proud to offer our high-quality procedures at an affordable price with available options for financing. In addition, our monthly or annual membership programs give you exclusive access to complimentary treatments, VIP discounts on all services and products, and exclusive promotions.

Get Started by Scheduling a Brotox Service

When you schedule a service with our specialists, we can discuss your wants and needs to understand how to meet your expectations best. We assess each unique person’s goals to create a customized experience following industry standards and guidelines. We also offer additional med spa services, including jawline contouring, liquid facelifts, and double chin fat removal, to help you achieve the look you want.

Check out our list of locations to find the closest Botox clinic near you. Book your appointment today!


About the Author
FFA nurse practitioner
Brandi Smith, MSN, APRN, FNP-C

Brandi Smith, MSN, APRN, FNP-C is a Family Nurse Practitioner with extensive training in aesthetics at our Toledo, Ohio location. She completed her Associates in Nursing in 2010 from Mercy College of Northwest Ohio and then completed her BSN in 2018 and MSN in 2021, both from The University of Toledo. Brandi has always had a passion for aesthetics and helping people of all ages feel as beautiful on the outside as they are on the inside. “I have always had this passion but it really gained momentum when I had my lip corrected with lip filler- I was bit by a dog in the lip as a child and the asymmetry and scar were all I could ever see in the mirror. My lips aren’t perfect, and they never will be because of that scar, but the improvement gave me a huge confidence boost. I want to spend my life giving that gift to other people.