Ready for Botox?

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Lips, Midface, Botox, Chin filler

Here are 8 questions to ask your specialist before getting Botox:

1. Do they have medical expertise in facial anatomy? For instance, are they licensed and trained in a field of aesthetics? This should be your very first question and should be your last question if the answer is “no.”

2. How much experience do they have injecting BOTOX® Cosmetic?

3. How often do they treat patients with BOTOX® Cosmetic?

4. Do they schedule a follow-up visit after treatment?

5. Will they show you before-and-after pictures of other patients?

6. What are the most common side effects they have seen in their clinical experience?

7. What should you do if you experience any side effects?

8. What do they need to know about your medical history? Be prepared to tell your specialist about any medical conditions, including any prescription medications, vitamins, or herbal supplements you are taking.

You should hear these answers to your questions…

1. We have extensive specialized training for all of our services, and continue to attend conferences and trainings.  

2. We have years of injecting.

3. We inject every day.

4. We always recommend a follow-up appointment to ensure optimal results and patient satisfaction.

5. We can gladly show you examples of results.

6. We’ve never had any side effects or complications with treatment.

7. Call the provider immediately with any side effects.

8. Always fully disclose to the provider about your medical history, even supplements, because they can react with treatment.